Writing good copy isn’t just a matter of making something look pretty, it’s about using words to convince a particular demographic to buy or do something. Some of the copy I’ve written has been for wedding service companies, sports massage clinics, software products, restaurants, and men’s entertainment.

Press Releases

To date, I’ve written press releases in dentistry, telecommunications, charitable organizations, and home remodelling. I enjoy these not only because I find it fascinating to learn about people’s stories, but because I also enjoy the challenge of painting an enticing portrait with words.

Site Content

This makes up the bulk of what I do, with posts and articles ranging from hunting products to snow blowers, and everything in between. Since I started website content writing, I’ve become an uncertified expert in Apple, software and technology, the economy, real estate and remodelling, health and wellness, education, the automotive industry, social issues, and the performing arts.

Performing Arts

Reviewing the arts makes up the second-biggest component of writing that I do, as I cover just about every type of performing art in and around Toronto (opera, theatre, live music, cinema and dance). Some of my working relationships include TIFF Bell Lightbox, the Canadian Opera Company, Opera Atelier, Shaw Festival, Stratford Festival, Factory Theatre, Tarragon Theatre, DanceWorks, and Live Nation. I’ve also travelled to different cities in Canada, like Montreal and Halifax, to cover music festivals because, you know, Toronto runs out of them so quickly.


Occasionally, my clients require me to write authoritatively and analytically on topics, which I’m always happy to do. Although all my writing is factual, technical writing requires me to make sure I’ve got the latest information down in a way that’s impossible to misunderstand.


Editing, both copy and style, is something I’ve been doing for almost 20 years. I was born with a bit of an obsession (okay, a lot of an obsession) with parsing anything I read for style and syntax, and it’s become an almost unconscious habit now.

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